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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

My take on Jon and Kate plus 8

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Over the last several weeks, I have watched the TV news with interest regarding what has been happening with the marriage of Jon and Kate Gosselin. On Sunday night, I had the opportunity to watch the most recent episodes regarding their separation and pending divorce. Based on the separate and combined interviews they have both given on their show, here's my take on what's going on with their marriage:
  1. Jon wants out of the marriage and doesn't seem to want to work through their issues.
  2. Jon needs to "man up" and admit where he has failed. His beautiful children deserve a strong, humble father.
  3. Kate seems to desire an opportunity to heal the marriage.
  4. In a situation such as this, both husband and wife need to have the desire for reconciliation . Otherwise, the marriage is doomed.
  5. Jon needs to grow up. He's acting like a 20-something who wants his freedom to live the single life, again.
  6. Kate needs to back down and stop being such a control freak. I'm a control freak myself, so I understand her mindset. Wives need to allow their husbands to lead in a marriage. This is God's plan according to His Word.
  7. They need to stop using their 8 children as an excuse to separate and divorce for the sake of peace in the home.
  8. Peace at any price is not always the best thing.
  9. Their marriage is actually more important than their 8 kids.
  10. Their 8 children will have greater security growing up with both of their parents in the same house.
  11. In the past, they have both claimed the name of Christ and have spoken to many churches. Allow Christ to heal the marriage.
  12. Seek out the best, Christian-based counseling that money can buy.
  13. Kate loves doing the TLC show, but Jon doesn't seem to desire the spotlight, anymore. Maybe Kate needs to end the TV show for Jon's sake?
  14. Marriage is difficult even in the easiest of circumstances. Having 2 sets of multiples, a hit Cable TV show, a mom who travels a lot for book tours and speaking engagements, and the paparazzi following you around is a recipe for disaster.
  15. It is possible to heal the relationship even after a divorce takes place.
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  1. I agree with you on many points because I believe in the ideal of love and marriage. So now Jon and Kate's marriage is over now.

    I'm a Christian....even a Catholic. I wonder why some churches will let couples go their way, especially couples who are making each other miserable. Yet, other churches (like mine) will make the couple beat a dead horse and continue to talk it out even though one or both don't want to (like my church).

    My real quesiton - what does God want? I mean God knew that Jon and Kate were going to divorce one day - He made them and is all knowing. So couldn't it just be that God wanted them to move on and find happiness with other people?

  2. I agree- John and Kate should nix the whole tv show and have some time alone- as a couple and as a family. No one can stand allthat pulicity too long. Their marriage should come before any tv show- no matter how much $$ it brings in! No marriage is worth that. John needs to grow up and remember his role as husband and father.
    My dear husband died 2 yrs. ago and when I hear of couples just tossing their marriage aside- I get really angry. I would give almost anything to have my husband back again. You don't really know what you have til it is gone. Do not waste time.

  3. I think God desires more than personal happiness, more than personal fame, more than personal wealth...

    God desires people's hearts to be transformed into the image of his son Jesus. I think in every circumstance, whether in success or failure, we are tempted and testeed in many, many ways... whether giving up, pride, lust or whatever... it is only in those situations that our character being tested do we know our great sinfulness but also the great need for Jesus.

    I'm not an expert on marriage, but every man and woman is tempted to infidelity... we are all tempted in every way and God desires our first response to turn to Him and trust Him... be empowered by Him. There really are forces in this world ready to devour and destroy us... We don't have to be Tiger Woods or Jon Gosselin to figure that out.

    Lord help us ALL!! :)

  4. Why did Christian fans embrace Jon & Kate Plus 8 and behave badly online during the couple's divorce? Answer the challenge to shine or shred: